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הפקת וידאו
We take time to understand your brand, your company’s values and messages you want to get across to your target audience. Based on our skills and experience, we build a unique approach how to tell your story in an effective and visually attractive way while providing you with full video production service, from creative concept, through scripting, filming and editing, motion graphics and special effects.  The process is concluded with digital files of the final movie in different formats.



צילום סטילס
We specialise in both studio and outdoor photography, be it portrait or product photography, food or sport genre, fashion editorial or architectural feature. We  offer  initial consultation to determine what perspective and method is needed to achieve best results. With product photography, we study your branding to make sure the style and language of the pictures are in line with your product's marketing campaign. It's important for us to know that our photography will represent your brand in the highest professional fashion while maintaining your own spirit. 



הפקת וידאו
We strive to give your story a look, a feel, a mood, along with depth  and intensity it deserves and still - and first of all - to tell the story how it happened. Producing true stories with beautiful imagery is a genre where our expertise in the fields of journalism and visual arts meet and create a deeply resonating, cinematic experience. We apply different storytelling techniques to enhance the main message whether the emphasis is on the level of dramatization or the need to adhere to a strictly documentary point of view.




We provide experienced filming, audio recording and lighting crews for TV channels and various news-gathering media or PR organizations across the world. Constant flow of communication with our clients abroad is essential to make sure the footage, be it interviews with B-roll, material for documentaries or high-end  commercial purposes, is exactly as per your request. Technical support is also provided in case a client wants to monitor the shoot remotely by streaming live camera and audio feed. 

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