Sion, Managing Director
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Sion is the one who makes it all happen. His in-depth knowledge of the field and current trends is crucial when matching clients' needs and budget with our crews, equipment and techniques. But it is Sion's outstanding insight and intuitive understanding of people that come as his main assets when dealing with new clients,  maintaining the old ones and developing our vision and strategy.
Sion is also in charge of our local crews made up of professionals who are constantly being updated on current developments in our field. He carefully selects  crew members for each job knowing exactly whose expertise and capabilities will be best applied in that particular production.
Jana is the one who decides how everything happens and is in control of all  stages of  production process. Coming from news-related background (4 years as a news producer at the Associated Press Television News in London and several years as a foreign correspondent for a European News TV) Jana uses her fine editorial skills to oversee each project from the first steps of creative concept and script writing, through filming until the final cut.

Jana, Senior Producer & Editor
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Jana is also in charge of our services for foreign broadcasters and media organisations from around the world. Her first-class news judgement, extensive knowledge of fast turnaround newsroom processes and broadcast standards makes her input an invaluable addition to our work.

Eastside Studio's editors and crews

Our team is composed of experienced professionals from the fields of filming, audio recording, lighting, video editing and animation. We rely on and value their work ethics, and their individual skills and talents.

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Eastside Road
While living in London, on Eastside Road, we went through some transformative experience that  shaped our life into what it is today.  It gave us a chance to re-invent ourselves as individuals and as a team. Therefore we will always have the best of memories for this period of our life. During that time we met wonderful people, some of whom became our family, some work contacts and they all remain our inspiration until today. 
Eastside Studio in action: gallery
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Eastside Studio in action: video
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