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We provide experienced filming, audio recording and lighting crews for TV channels and various news-gathering media or PR organizations across the world. Constant flow of communication with our clients abroad is essential to make sure the footage, be it interviews with B-roll, material for documentaries or high-end  commercial purposes, is exactly as per your request. Technical support is also provided in case a client wants to monitor the shoot remotely by streaming live camera and audio feed. 

We research news stories, evaluate their relevance and content and offer detailed news plan from  the initial contact with filming subjects, to managing schedules  and preparing a comprehensive shotlist before the shooting day. We also offer location scouting, arranging various filming permits and providing local producers and researchers.

We can edit, or partly edit, the footage according to your requirements (including packaged ready-to-broadcast edits with voiceover) and send it over to you via ftp or other online platforms or ship it to you on a hard disk.


Mitzpe Ramon space station (starts at 5:40)

The struggle of the Negev Beduin (starts at 4:45)

Peres Spring (for German TV magazine Fokus Jerusalem) 

Atlit Yam (for German TV magazine Fokus Jerusalem) 

Caligraphy (for German TV magazine Fokus Jerusalem) 

Golan Druze against turbines (for Fokus Jerusalem) 

Kayaking in Golan Heights (for Fokus Jerusalem) 

Corona cure trial in Safed (for Fokus Jerusalem) 

Meron Bereshit School (for Fokus Jerusalem) 

Dead Sea Kayaking, starts at 11:00

Graffiti in Tel Aviv (for Slovak News TV TA3) 

Cowboys in Golan Hights (for Slovak News TV TA3) 

Dead Sea sinkholes (for Slovak News TV TA3) 

SR President on official visit to Israel

 Golan Druze fear for their brothers in Syria

 Slovak Deputy PM visiting Israel

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